Voesh Peppermint Oil Collagen Socks 16ml


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Voesh New York Collagen Foot Mask Socks with Peppermint Oil 16 ml. VOESH UV protective foot mask socks bring innovation to pedicure treatment. Each Mask is pre-loaded with argan oil and collagen-rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturize the skin. When ready to have your pedicure, simply remove the tips of the toes along the perforated pre-cut lines. Made with a micro-thin dual layered material. Protects up to 98. 9% of UV rays. Save time by moisturizing your feet while getting a pedicure. Great for softening calluses. Patent Pending. Enriched With Collagen & Peppermint Oil. YOU DO NOT NEED Massage Lotion Paraffin Wax


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