Transformulas Lip Volume – Original 10ml


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An all-round lip treatment that plumps, adds ?oomph? & intensively softens skin. Transformulas Lip Volume contains a clinically proven cocktail of ultra hydrating and plumping ingredients which work fast, stimulating the regeneration of skin tissue, boosting collagen to give a gorgeous, fuller lip effect. On application, there’s a mild tingling sensation combined with a minty freshness, while lips quickly appear plumper, smoother and softened. With regular use, lips are maximized (up to 40% bigger), super hydrated and fine lines around the mouth are minimised. Hauptvorteile: – Stimulates collagen and reduces cellular damage caused by the sun and ageing. – 40% increase in lip size. – 3D Effect – Defines + contours lips. – Maximises Pout ? strengthens cells to help lips retain more fluid. – Feels like a serum but goes on like a gloss with a non-sticky formula. – Deeply moisturises so lips are smoother and softer.


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