Lynx Deodorant Bodyspray Africa 6 x 35ml


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Lynx Deodorant Bodyspray Africa 12 x 35ml. Lynx Africa body spray 35ml is part of the Lynx male grooming range and has been lynx’s one of the best-selling fragrance for over a decade. Benefit from up to 48-Hour fresh protection, with a subtle, refined men’s fragrance, an exotic combination of warm African spices and aromas. Key Features : Lynx Africa body spray deodorant will give you 48 hours sweat protection. An exotic mixture of warm African spices and aromas, this ideal fragrance will give you a real presence. Spray underarm to feel the difference. Lynx Africa body spray is also available in a body spray. Forget about sweat, your style is non-negotiable. To be applied on your underarms.


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