FILORGA Time Filler Mask 23g


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The power of a concentrated serum in a second skin effect mask for a smooth and visibly younger skin in 15 minutes. FILORGA has created two super concentrated masks rich in Medi-Cosmtique® active ingredients. These two ultra-powerful masks are formulated with an innovative fibre, and will come to embellish of all skin types in just 15 minutes. FILORGA Time Filler Mask combines all the benefits of Time Filler®, the absolute best selling FILORGA cream that divides wrinkles by 2 in 2 months. The mask version works in 15 minutes chrono thanks to a black fiber full of active tensors and natural collagen for a smoothing and regenerating result from the 1st application. Hauptvorteile: – Double smoothing effect : a formula with impregnation of active tensors with lifting power associated with collagen of natural origin, visibly smoothes the wrinkles. – Intensive regenerating action: a cellular booster stimulates the regeneration of the skin for a reinforced anti-aging action. – Black fiber technology: an innovative technology, adhering perfectly to the curves of the face, to promote the penetration of the assets. Clinical study – Mean instrumental 3D imaging – 40 women.


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