Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water 180ml


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The Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water is a 99% natural chamomile’infused cleansing water which features a cutting’edge natural peptide complex to boost hydration and radiance of even the most sensitive skin with a sweep of a cotton pad. Its non’drying no’rinse formula is designed to refresh and soothe skin with ease. Hauptvorteile: – A quick and effective way to cleanse the face without stripping the skin. – Powerful ingredients that work in synergy to create a smoother, plumper skin surface. Hauptinhaltsstoffe: – Tri’Peptide A naturally derived chain of amino acids that mimics broken down collagen molecules, tricking cells into producing more collagen. At the same time it blocks the enzymes that destroy collagen, making it a true anti’ageing ingredient. – Hyaluronic Acid A super fine grade that can hold up to 1, 000 times its own weight in water to help skin instantly hydrate, smooth and plump from within. – Blackberry Leaf Extract A powerful anti’oxidant that helps to boost skin’s collagen production, protecting against premature ageing and environmental damage. Free from dea, mineral oils, pegs, petroleum, propylene glycol, microbeads, artificial fragrances and colours.


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