Voesh Velvet Luxe Vegan Body & Hand Creme Green Tea Supple 85g


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Voesh Velvet Luxe Vegan Body & Hand Creme Green Tea Supple with Olive & Avocado 85g. Voesh Velvet Luxe in Green Tea Supple is packed with a powerful antioxidant that prevents skin damage and helps improve skins elasticity. Keeping skin looking and feeling youthful! Voesh new Velvet Luxe in Cucumber Fresh delivers major hydration to leave your skin glowing! The cool, clean scent of Cucumber will refresh your mood. Get the par-tea started! Soften every bit of your body with our vegan and organic lotion that leaves skin feeling unbelievably soft and supple. Need a me-time moment? Get instant relaxation with our Velvet Luxe Crme Green Tea Supple vegan hand and body crme. Infused with natural green tea extract, organic virgin olive oil and avocado oil, breathe in a tea-rrific scent as you transform skin from dry to supple and velvety soft. Perfect for after the shower or on-the-go, meet your self-care luxury suitable for everyday use. HYDRATE & SUPPLE WITH GREEN TEA Intensive Moisture Refreshing Scent Velvety Soft Feel Perfect For: Morning & Night Routine Max Relaxation Me-Time Moments ORGANIC VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, olive oil hydrates the skin by building its moisture barrier to prevent loss of moisture. AVOCADO OIL: Contains a high percentage of vitamin e that help the skin maintain hydration and protect from free radicals. HERB EXTRACTS: Contain anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help calm, repair and heal the skin.


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