Voesh Exfoliating Peeling Socks 40ml


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Voesh New York Exfoliating Peeling Socks with Botanical Extracts 40 ml. Voesh new Peeling Socks deliver the ultimate foot indulgence! These single-use socks are the most innovative foot care made with sugarcane derived acids (AHA/BHA), Lavender and Herb extract to peel away hardened calluses and rough, dead skin and soothe at the same time. The soft material of these perfectly fitting socks will hug the contours of your feet for extreme exfoliation. Reveal your softest, smoothest feet in as little as 7 days! Contains natural extracts like sugarcane-derived acids (AHA/BHA), lavender, and herb extracts which gently penetrate dead skin cells and rough, hardened calluses to naturally peel off and soothe at the same time. These single-use foot masks are made to give your feet a salon treatment at home, no scrubbing required. Its soft material is perfectly fitting to hug the contours of your feet for gentle, yet effective exfoliation. UNVEIL YOUR SOFTEST SKIN! Easy to Use Perfectly Contoured Gentle & Effective For best results: Soak your feet in the water before application. Put a tight pair of socks over the peeling socks for better absorption. After the treatment, gently rub your feet after a shower or bathe to get the peeling process started. YOU DO NOT NEED Massage Lotion Paraffin Wax What’s Inside Peeling socks: -Sugarcane derived acids (AHA/BHA) Lavender and herb extracts: Its calming qualities help to relax and soothe the skin.


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