VO5 Volume & Detangling Bundle


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VO5 Volume & Detangling Bundle VO5 Volume Blow-Dry Heat Defence Spray Provides outstanding lift at the roots for enhanced volume and thickness with heat defence. Hair feels thicker with more body. Natural bounce with less frizz, static or flyaways. It helps protect against damage caused by heat-styling tools. VO5 Big Volume Mousse Lifts your hair from the roots for instant long-lasting volume. Its the non-sticky formula will help protect your hair from heat damage and help big hair stay bigger for longer. It delivers high performance, salon tested styling products that won’t let you down and gives you the power to create, control and finish any style you want. Detangling Brush Silver A high-quality detangler hair brush is specially-designed to untangle stubborn knotted strands effortlessly. An ergonomically designed brush handle fits right into the palm of your hand and makes brushing your hair faster and easier. Super smooth operator that works with any type of hair. Wet, dry, thick curly. Stimulates your scalp for a lovely relaxing feeling, the firm but not hard bristles will gently massage your scalp as you brush, its a lovely way to relax. Bundle contains: 1 x VO5 Volume Blow-Dry Heat Defence Spray 200ml, 1 x VO5 Big Volume Mousse 200ml and 1 x Detangling Brush Silver


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