Vaseline Dry Skin Healing Balm 2 x 250ml


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Vaseline Dry Skin Healing Balm 250ml. We believe healthy skin starts with deep-restoring moisture. The new Vaseline Expert Care range delivers clinical strength moisture, with formulations that have been dermatologically tested and clinically tested to heal dry skin from the 1st use. These rich yet fast-absorbing lotions provide intense moisturisation to restore soft, healthy-looking skin. Vaseline Expert Care Dry Skin Healing Balm Body Cream helps relieve and repair extremely dry skin and provides 72 hours of intensive moisturisation. Key Features: Formulated with unique ingredients including Glycerin, Pro-Lipids, and Vaseline Jelly, our body cream. quickly improves moisture and protects the skins barrier. This body moisturiser helps repair dry skin from the very 1st use. This dry skin cream offers 72 hours of intensive moisturisation. The fast-absorbing dry skin healing formula makes it suitable for daily use.


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