The INKEY List Collagen Booster Serum 30ml


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They say you only miss things once they’re gone and, sadly, our love for collagen (the natural skin protein that helps to support skin’s firmness, suppleness and elasticity) tends to appear only once we realise its production has begun to slow down ? sob. A perfect antidote to this sorry state of affairs, The INKEY List Collagen Booster Serum stars clever peptides called Matrixyl 3000 and Syn Tacks, which mimic the effect of natural collagen, keeping your skin looking plumper and smoother for longer. Die Formel fördert außerdem die Kollagenproduktion und hält die Haut langfristig geschmeidig und straff. Minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and targeting sagging, this skin-boosting potion is like an elixir of youth for your complexion. This product has recently changed its name from Collagen to Collagen Booster but no changes have been made to the product itself.


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