Sure 72H Protection Invisible Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 6 x 200ml


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Sure Men Advanced Protection Invisible Deodorant Spray 6 x 200ml. Brand new Sure Advanced Protection anti-perspirant is the ultimate sweat and odour hero for all day freshness and a dry and confident feeling, giving you up to 50% more protection against sweat and body odour. Sure Advanced Protection contains Motionsense technology, so the more you move, the more it protects, filled with microcapsules that respond to your body; bursting with friction to release freshness throughout the day. Embrace the unexpected without the worry of your antiperspirant letting you down anti-sweat, anti-odour, pro-move. LONG-LASTING PROTECTION : Sure Advanced Protection is our most effective anti-perspirant yet providing protection against sweat and odour whilst keeping you fresh, dry and confident for 72 hours PROTECTION WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST : Wherever youre going, whatever youre doing, you can feel fresh, dry and ready to take on the day. Our Motion Sense TM technology activates with each move you make: microcapsules break and release bursts of fragrance when you need it most A CLEAN AND FRESH FRAGRANCE : Stay fresh throughout your day. This antiperspirant deodorant for men has a fougere aromatic herbal fragrance with a woody base to keep you smelling great. Key Features : New Sure Advanced Protection contains more antiperspirant active, giving you 72-hour protection. The formulations provide up to 50% more protection. Our most effective anti-perspirant yet, available in an aerosol and roll-on. Contains Sures unique Motion Sense Technology, which provides burst of fragrance when you need it most. All day dry and confident feeling. A fougere aromatic herbal fragrance and a woody base.


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