Simple Rest and Reset 72h Hydrating Face Moisturiser Gel 2 x 50ml


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Simple Rest and Reset 72h Hydrating Gel. Waking up to radiant skin is finally a real thing, thanks to our NEW Protect n Glow Rest and Reset 72hr Hydrating Gel. Yasss! Supercharged with ingredients that help brighten dull complexions, this overnight gel is your shortcut to get the glow youve always dreamed of. Plus, its even suitable for sensitive skin. But, our night cream goes even further. Did you know, overexposure to UV rays, pollution and blue light from your fave electronic devices can leave your skin looking dull and feeling sensitive? Well, if youre struggling to quit your bedtime phone-scrolling routine, our Simple Hydrating Gel protects against these skin-damaging elements, to give your skin a perfect nights sleep. Suitable to use every night, this Simple moisturiser contains Vitamins C & E and organic Ginger Root for revitalised, bright skin. Plus, it boosts your skins hydration and renewal process, for glowing skin by morning. Dreamy! Like all Simple products, this face cream is free from artificial colour and perfume and has no harsh chemicals that can upset your skin. In fact, we only include mild ingredients that love your skin.


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