Sienna X Tanning Drops 20ml


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Discover concentrated Sienna X Tanning Drops, an un-tinted tanning drops which can be added to your skincare allowing you to easily tailor your tan for a natural and subtle colour. Designed for the face Tanning Drops are formulated with anti-pollution and anti-ageing actives that help protect skin against the negative effects of blue light and infra-red type A. Haupteigenschaften und Vorteile: – Formulated with Vitamin E known for its anti-oxidant properties. – A bespoke combination of Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Meadowfoam Oil help to prolong moisture within the skin while boosting collagen and helping to reduce the signs of ageing. – Helps protect against blue light, infra-red whilst also protecting against the effects of pollution.


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