Radox 2 in 1 for Men Start Fresh Shower Gel 6 x 250ml


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Radox 2-in-1 Start Fresh Shower Gel. Enjoy reviving shower gel with an infusion of fresh Mint & Tea Tree Tree to make you feel more like your real self again. The energising Mint & Tea Tree fragrance will cleanse your skin and stimulate your senses. Leaving you feeling refreshed and revived. At Radox, we know that smell is not only one of the most important senses, but one of the most overlooked. Since the beginning of time, planet Earth has played host to the most incredible natural fragrances. But until now, no one has ever truly realised the effect they can have on your mood. They have the power to lift you when youre down, to awaken you when you rise, to make us sleep, love, create, dream. An Empowering shower gel that leaves your skin delightfully fragrant. A mens shower gel and bodywash with mint and tea tree scent inspired by nature’s finest ingredients. A male shower gel and body wash a mood changing fragrance which cleanses your body. An invigorating bodywash and refreshing shower gel that rinses off easily leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. A cleanser and refreshing showergel pH neutral, dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.


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