Max Factor CC Concealer Stick – Corrects Redness 3g


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Max Factor’s CC Concealer Stick use the way colours balance and neutralise each other to correct, perfect and balance tonal skin imperfections such as dark circles, blemishes and redness. These unique colour correcting concealer sticks are available in five different colours which target specific problem areas with precision, so you can achieve a beautifully even skin tone and create the perfect base for a flawless foundation look. Max Factor CC Concealer Stick – Corrects Redness This green concealer stick is ideal for neutralising redness, such as blemishes, blotchiness and broken veins. Precisely target the area you’d like to colour correct with the corrector stick, gently blend on your skin and repeat if needed. Then simply apply your foundation or CC Cream on top for a flawless look. Wichtigste Eigenschaften und Vorteile: – Precision crayon shape easily targets specific areas of the face – Balmy formula perfectly blends – Pencil twists up for easy application – Self sharpening


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