Lynx XL 48 Hour Fresh Deodorant Bodyspray Africa 25 Years 6 x 200ml


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Lynx 48 Hour Fresh Deodorant Bodyspray Africa 25 Years 200ml. Lynx Africa Body Spray is a first-class aerosol refreshing your skin and giving it odour protection lasting 48 hours. Its exotic fragrance is universal and classy no matter your age. Enhance your manliness with warm African spices and aromas. The first body spray to be launched as a stand-alone brand. Lynx originally came in three fragrances: Amber, Musk and Spice. Since then, the Lynx Institute of Attractiveness has created not only dozens of great fragrances but also shower gels, hair styling and shampoo products. We aim to give you the edge in the mating game. There is no better thing to do when you leave your house than using some fine deodorant on your skin. You might not conquer the world after it but youll feel like you can, as Lynx Africa body sprays for men provides alluring fragrance and long-lasting protection. Whatever you decide, remember that we are on your side. Your goals are our goals.


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