Lynx Total Relax Shower Gel Body Wash Dark Temptation 6 x 250ml


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Lynx Total Relax Shower Gel Body Wash Dark Temptation 250ml is concocted from chocolate, frozen ginger, coriander, sage, black basil, pear sorbet, and whipped cream for an irresistible fragrance. It won’t dry out your skin and is dermatologically tested. DEEP CLEAN YOUR SKIN: The fresh fragrance of Lynx Dark Temptation, Lynx body wash doesn’t just deep clean your skin. It deep cleans your soul. It refreshes your mind, so you start your day right. It puts the care back into men’s skincare. RIGHT LEVEL OF CLEAN: A seductive and magnetic fragrance for a body wash as irresistible as chocolate. Get the right level of clean for all your parts with Lynx. It provokes irresistible attraction and Dermatologically tested. LATHER ON BODY: Release your unexpected side to the world with a scent mashup that will blow your mind. Smelling is believing. It’s a dermatologically tested triple-threat that gets the job done in one go. Key Features : A dark temptation shower gel. A seductive and magnetic fragrance. Provoke irresistible attraction. Dermatologically tested. Supercharge your style and kick-start your day. Doesn’t dry out your skin.


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