Lynx Energy Boost Shower Gel Bodywash Africa 15 x 50ml


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Lynx Energy Boost Shower Gel Bodywash Africa 50ml. An invigorating fragrance of squeezed mandarin combined with sandalwood stands by your manhood, boosting your confidence. Lynx shower gel for men makes your skin smooth and healthy looking the exact way you need it. CAREFULLY CLEANSES YOUR SKIN : Lynx Africa pH neutral body wash is a first-class shower gel, hydrating and refreshing your skin. Lynx Africa Shower Gel carefully cleanses your skin and leaves it perfectly hydrated. Lynx Africa Body Wash leaves your skin deeply hydrated and smelling nice for the whole day. KICK START YOUR DAY : Lynx Africa men’s shower gel is an iconic mix of warm african spices and aromas. Lynx Africa shower gel will refresh your senses and heighten your instincts, whatever your day has in store, will refresh your senses with a mix of warm African spices and aromas, Supercharge your style and kick-start your day. FEELING SMOOTH & SUPPLE : Lynx africa revitalising shower gel with minerals and a distinctive masculine fragrance, revitalises and invigorates you as you shower. Lynx revitalising Shower Gel Africa doesn’t dry out the skin. With it’s skin conditioning formula your skin is left feeling smooth and supple. Key Features : Lynx Africa body wash keeps you fresh all day. An exotic mixture of warm African spices and aromas. It leaves your body feeling clean and rejuvenated. Dermatologically tested.


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