Lynx 48 Hour Fresh Deodorant Bodyspray Collision 6 x 150ml


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Lynx 48 Hour Fresh Deodorant Bodyspray Collision 150ml. The wild scent of leather and the irresistible scent of freshly baked cookies ensure a „collision“ of fresh and warm fragrances. The fresh top notes dominate citrus, mint and spices as well as a subtle touch of leather. Flavours of vanilla, cookies, maple syrup and creamy musk add a warm base to the scent. 48 HOUR ODOUR PROTECTION: Smelling is believing, free of aluminium, Lynx deodorant body spray provides 48-hour odour protection, keeping you fresh for longer. The energising scent of lynx collision two things you love, leather and cookies and it just smells amazing. STAY FEELING CLEAN: It’s a provider of anti-bacterial protection. In the ongoing war against sweat, this men’s deodorant has your back. It’ll keep you smelling fresh for 48 hours. Morning to sunset. After all, when the afternoon rolls around after a busy day. That’s how good Leather and Cookies is. FRESHER FOR LONGER: Aluminium free deodorant body spray for men that will keep you fresher for longer, and help bring out your unexpected side, you’ve just found it homie. It’s called Lynx Collision Leather + Cookies. The fragrance for men. UNIQUE SCENT: Leather & Cookies Deodorant not only gives you an insane scent but also keeps you fresh all day long without aluminium salts. Effective protection and a unique scent throughout the day. Easy to apply and without annoying deodorant stains on clothing.


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