Lynx 48 Hour Anti-Perspirant Stick Africa 6 x 50ml


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Lynx 48 Hour Antiperspirant Stick Africa 6 x 50ml. Lynx Africa has been selling fragrance for over a decade so why not take it one step further. Lynx Africa is available as an anti-perspirant Stick and provides 48 hour fresh protection and is part of the Lynx male grooming range, with a subtle, refined men’s fragrance. An mixture of warm African spices and aromas, this fragrance will give you a real presence. A quick application is all you need for a lasting, better smelling protection. Stay fresh all day with Lynx male grooming. For optimum use apply to the underarms after showering and once dry to start your morning and fight off style-threatening bacteria whatever the occasion, it lasts all day long. Avoid contact with your eyes and broken or irritated skin. Lynx Africa Anti-Perspirant Stick Deodorant provides up to 48 hours sweat protection, keeping you (and your shirts) feeling fresh, clean and dry no matter where the heats coming from take it one step further and boost your style and sweat protection with Lynx Africa Body Spray 150 ml and Lynx Africa Body Wash 250 ml. Why not also try Lynx daily fragrance, a sophisticated every day fragrance for men. Refresh your style with Lynx signature, adrenaline and urban daily fragrance 100 ml. Find your magic with Lynx new male grooming range. Key Features : Combining African spices and aromas, Lynx Africa is one of the popular fragrance. A contemporary masculine fragrance. Apply on your underarms to feel the difference. Sweat protection that lasts for 48 hours. Forget about sweat, your style is non-negotiable. To be applied on your underarms.


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