KIKI Health Organic Shiitake Extract Mushroom 60 Vegicaps


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Our Organic Shiitake Extract Powder is obtained by extraction of the mushrooms fruiting bodies, which are proved to be much richer in active ingredients and more abundant in beta-D-glucans rich polysaccharides, than mushrooms extracted from mycelium. Temperature-controlled, duel extract technology is used to obtain the precious functional components found inside the mushroom cells; the advanced production method supports the highest levels of active nutrients to be captured. Our pure and concentrated Organic Shiitake Extract Powder is expertly standardised to an impressive 50% polysaccharides content and contains a significant amount of triterpenes, sterols and polyphenols. Our extract is free from fillers such as starch and grain and any kind of additives. You get 100% pure mushroom extract from our Organic Shiitake Mushroom Extract. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No additives, mycelium, grains or what so ever. Pure & Concentrated.


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