KIKI Health Non-GMO Lecithin Powder 200g


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? Contains Phosphatidyl Choline ? 100% NON-GMO ? 100% soybeans ? Richest source of lecithin ? Helps in the breakdown of fats ? Allows fat and water to mix. KIKIs Lecithin is derived 100% from soybeans that have NOT been genetically engineered or modified. Lecithin can be used as an emulsifier, thickener, stabiliser, moisturiser, and mild preservative, and it helps to improve moisture and texture in a number of food and home-made beauty products. It is a healthy vegan alternative to fat in baked goods. KIKIs Lecithin Powder is made from 100% soybeans which is the richest source of lecithin. Lecithin is a phospholipid, composed of choline and inositol and is a necessary component of every cell in the human body. Add to other products that do not already contain lecithin such as KIKIs Natures Living Superfood.


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