Huda Beauty Classic Lash 7 Samantha


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Huda Beauty Classic Lash SAMANTHA #7: One of Huda’s best sellers, Samantha is universally flattering. Dieses Paar präsentiert sich mit doppelt geschichteten Wimpern in verschiedenen Längen für mittleres Volumen und eine federnde Optik ? perfekt für einen dramatischeren Look tagsüber, ohne dabei zu künstlich auszusehen. Ideal für erfahrene Anwender und fortgeschrittene Anfänger, die einen Schritt weiter wagen möchten. First collection to be ever designed by Huda Kattan, the Classic lashes are made out of synthetic and natural fibers and completely cruelty free. Lightweight, they are ideal for everyday enhancement, whether you are looking for a subtle, soft and flirty look or you crave enviable (but believable) eyelash length. Each lash can be used up to 12 times depending on care. Hair Length: 0. 8 to 1. 4cm (might slightly vary depending on production as all lashes are handcrafted) Band length: 3. 4cm Band thickness: 0. 6mm Lash Glue sold separately. All Huda Beauty lashes are hand designed by beauty guru Huda Kattan and hand-crafted with the finest material quality to be the most beautiful and comfortable lash you will ever wear. Whether your are looking for a natural finish or a very dramatic style, synthetic fibers or natural hair, Huda Beauty collections are constantly evolving to adapt to your needs and make sure you keep having fun playing with your look.


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