Foltène® Pharma Women Hair & Scalp Treatment 100ml


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Foltne Women’s Hair & Scalp Treatment 100ml. A single dose attack treatment based on the synergic action of Tricalgoxy, hair loss active ingredient exclusive of Foltne Pharma Laboratories and a Biomineral Complex: – Tricalgoxyl, stimulates the growth of hair, normalises the life cycle of the hair and restores the natural physiological balance of the scalp. – Nourishing Biomineral Complex, seaweed extracts: Asparagopsis Armata, Himanthalia Elongata, Undaria Pinnatifida. Rich in mineral salts essential to a woman’s organism: calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc. Restoration of the minerals to normal concentration levels and nutrition of the hair. Clinical tests show that Foltne Women’s Hair & Scalp Treatment: – Increases the quantity of hairs in the growing phase (Anagen) – Decreases the quantity of hairs in the falling phase (Telogen) – Increases the length and resistance of the hair giving it strength, volume and shine. Anwendung: Use Foltne Women’s Hair & Scalp Treatment at the first signs of weakening of the hair and/or hair loss. – Attack phase: 1 bottle every other day for two months. – Maintenance phase: 2 bottles per week for one month. The duration of the treatment is to be evaluated on the basis of the results obtained.


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