ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Serum 30ml


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This clinically proven ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Serum, with four flower AHAs, Selastin? and patented Dynamic Resurfacing technology (GB2440117), smoothesthe skin’s surface, revealing a stunning complexion. Helps to reduce appearance of pores and wrinkles KEY ACTIVES Patented Tri-Enzyme Technology -A blend of bioactive micro-encapsulated and proteolytic enzymes (Subtilisine, Protease, Papain) help to stimulate the breakdown of proteins to dissolve dead skin cells and improve cell renewal AHAs -Gentle flower acids from Hibiscus, White Lily, Gardenia Tiareand Freesia optimise a non-abrasive peeling action Selastin? -Extract of 4 different mineral and vitamin rich marine plants found in the untouched ocean of Jejuisland has been shown to increase desquamation and reduce pore size Amino Acids & Encapsulated Vitamin C -Vitamin C has been shown to have a brightening effect on the skin, whilst a network of Amino Acids helps to smootheand tone the skin. Aktive Inhaltsstoffe: Tre-Enzymes, White Truffle, Four Flowers AHAs, Vitamin C, Amino Acids. Für Veganer geeignet.


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