DIOR Poison Girl Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml


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Poison Girl Eau de Toilette ist eine hoch erfreuliche Komposition. Es spricht unsere Sinne auf drei Stufen an und bildet aufregende Kontraste aus Rohstoffen. A duo of icy-cool, juicy oranges interact with and compliment each other. Followed by armfuls of sensual flowers, they introduce a spirited hot & cold ambience. Lastly, notes of Tonka Bean and Vanilla spread their sensual and bittersweet embrace. A Poison Girl that breaks the ice, a mistress of its effect. „Poison Girl Eau de Toilette makes the most of its effects. It’s a suggestive composition that retains its tender charm but also throws out cutting remarks. It blows hot and cold.“ Franois Demachy Der Duft: An ice-cool duo sees fruity, Sicilian Sweet Orange blend with the effusive and ultra-potent Calabrian Bitter Orange. With a shared nature that is both joyful and juicy, they each play distinct roles. Chosen for both their similarities and their differences, they create a finely honed, tailor-made freshness. The first, Sicilian and fleshy, is familiar ? it speaks to us instantly, is appealing and refreshing. The second, a distinguished Calabrian with a lively nature, provides powerful nuances that intensify this great freshness. This original duo invents a tailor-made, dreamy, ice-cool Orange whose fruity freshness sweeps everything in its path. A sparkling young Neroli meets a duo of Grasse Rose-Damascena Rose. The first rose, queen of the exceptional Provence flowers, releases its unrivaled, peppery, honeyed power. Meanwhile, its cousin, the Turkish beauty with a spirited temperament, affirms its expressive nature. In the end, the heart remains open to its zesty beginning, helping the persistent citrus notes to shine. Intensely charming, fierce and smoulderingly sensual. A Vanilla embrace blends with the soft attractive notes of the Tonka Bean, warming this armful of flowers. The round, enveloping nuances of this noble bean line the entire composition. Vanilla, sweet and ever so slightly unpolis


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