DIOR Hydra Life Tri-Phase Makeup Remover 125ml


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DIOR HYDRA LIFE Tri-Phase Makeup Remover is a 3-in-1 remover that dissolves the most stubborn makeup from the most sensitive areas of the face. With a non-oily texture that leaves the skin visibly clear and fresh, the biphase makeup remover delivers 3 powerful actions with each application: it effectively eliminates all types of makeup, even waterproof, and softens and soothes the eye contour while beautifying the lashes. Sichtbare Ergebnisse: – Instantly, targeted areas of the face are completely cleansed. – Beautiful and strong, the lashes are protected and seem less likely to fall out. – The skin looks full of life and naturally beautiful. Formulation: – Lily extract helps beautify the lashes, day after day (Lily is know for it’s beautifying action). – A liquorice-derived ingredient soothes the eye contour. – A makeup-removing complex eliminates all traces of makeup. Research Results: – Eyes and brows are perfectly makeup-free. – Makeup removal is fast and easy. – The makeup remover leaves the eye contour soft and soothed. – The makeup remover delivers a feeling of freshness on application. Für empfindliche Augen und Kontaktlinsenträger geeignet.


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