DIOR Hydra Life Lotion to Foam Cleanser 190ml


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THE PURIFYING EFFECTIVENESS OF A FOAM CLEANSER, THE FRESHNESS OF A LOTION In just 1 pump, this fresh lotion transforms into a rich and airy foam cleanser. Highly concentrated in natural white tea leaf extract, it completely removes makeup and deeply cleanses and refreshes the skin. The skin looks perfectly clean and clear. Refreshed with moisture, it looks revitalised and naturally beautiful. Ergebnisse: – The skin looks perfectly clean: 95% agree – This makeup remover provides a comfort sensation: 95% agree – The skin looks toned up: 88% agree Self-assessment by questionnaires, 40 women, 4 weeks of use Hauptinhaltsstoffe: – White tea leaves tone the skin’s appearance. – Saponins, natural agents that helps cleaning the skin.


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