DIOR Bronze Self-Tanning Jelly Face 50ml


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An ultra-natural glow by Dior. The sun-kissed touch of perfection for your face. The DIOR BRONZE Self-Tanning Jelly Face enhances the skin and recreates a natural, even tan. Thanks to its dual skin-perfecting and self-tanning action, the skin is radiant. The luminous sun-kissed glow gradually intensifies each day. Its ultra-fresh and subtly pearly translucent texture immediately melts into the skin, moisturising and enhancing it. Hauptvorteile: An ultra-natural glow appearance – Very natural tan: 85% agree – Uniform tan: 85% agree – Homogeneous tan: 88% agree Sublime skin feeling: – Day after day more intense tan: 93% agree – Luminous tan: 85% agree – Naturally golden tan: 80% agree – Gorgeous skin: 85% agree After 4 weeks of use Self-assessment by 41 users. Results observed with continuous application.


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