Diesel Only The Brave Street Eau de Toilette 125ml


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Creative. Urban. Vibrant Only The Brave Street, the new fragrance by Diesel, takes its inspiration from the raw & playful energy of the street. Only the Brave Street is the fragrance for the ones who make the city their playground, for those who express themselves and build success there. The iconic bottle of Only The Brave is remastered in powerful concrete and vibrant orange to embody the contrast of this new scent. The eau de toilette has a fresh crunch with basil, apple and bergamot notes and a new masculine addiction with vetiver, cedar and licorice notes. This woody aromatic fragrance is unique thanks to this licorice ingredient, a note which brings an unexpected tone to the woody accord and creates a new addictive freshness. Kopfnoten: Basil, Apple, Bergamot Herznoten: Liquorice, Cardamom Basisnoten: Cedar, Vetiver, Vanilla


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