DECLÉOR Rose Damascena Micellar Cleansing Water 200ml


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A 3-in-1 soothing cleanser to delicately cleanse and soften sensitive skin. Expertly formulated for sensitive and reactive skin types, the intensely soft and gentle fragrance-free DECLOR Aroma Cleanse Soothing Micellar Water with Rose Essential Oil is a quick and easy cleanser, toner and eye make-up remover in one, with no need to rinse off. Natural Bisabolol (found in the Essential Oil of Candeia) and Rose Essential Oil soothe, calm and strengthen the skin to restore its natural balance, while tiny micelles help trap and eliminate make-up impurities to leave you with a beautifully clean, comfortable and soft complexion. Aktive Inhaltsstoffe: – Rose Essential Oil soothes and strengthens skin while restoring the natural balance. – Natural Bisabolol obtained from the Essential Oil of Candeia, helps to soothe skin. DECLOR Aroma Cleanse Soothing Micellar Water’s paraben-free formula is ideal for sensitive skin types.


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