DECLÉOR Cica-Botanic Oil 100ml


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DECLOR Cica-Botanic Oil, clinically proven to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks in just 8 weeks. Containing a unique blend of 9 Botanical Oils to reduce existing stretch marks‘ appearance and help prevent new ones. The hero ingredient, Bourrache Botanical Oil has one of the highest amounts of GLA; a fatty acid which has been shown to correct deficiencies in skin lipids and increase skin’s elasticity. Clinically proven results within 8 weeks: – Colour: Stretch marks are lighter and less visible. – Appearance: The length, width and depth of stretch marks are reduced. Hauptbestandteile: – Musked Rose Botanical Oil for cell repair. – Soy Botanical Oil for strengthening. – Blackcurrant Botanical Oil for cell repair. – Sweet Almond Botanical Oil for soothing and nourishing. – Camellia Botanical Oil for hydration. – Jojoba Botanical Oil for soothing and calming. – Plum Botanical Oil for intense nourishment. – Avocado Botanical Oil for healing. Consumer test under dermatological control on 39 subjects suffering from stretch marks France ? 2018.


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