Compeed Cushioned Blister Plasters Medium Pack of 5


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Compeed Cushioned Blister Plasters Medium Pack of 5. Compeed originated from wound healing treatments used in the Nordics. The hydrocolloid technology is ideal for treating blisters, whether they are caused by running, new shoes, wearing shoes you havent worn in a while or by just being on your feet all day. Compeed is the UK’s N°1 brand to treat blisters and is used by many people worldwide. DESIGNED FOR PAINFUL BLISTERS: Honeycomb structure with 20% EXTRA CUSHIONING for instant pain relief from pressure and rubbing FAST HEALING: Hydrocolloid gel technology creates an optimal healing environment STAYS IN PLACE: Adhesive, tapered edges so Compeed flexes with movement and won’t rub off WATERPROOF: Keeps natural moisture in and germs out for fast healing DISCREET: Translucent edges to help blend in with the skin compared with Compeed Medium Blister Plaster Features: Absorbs moisture and forms a protective cushion Providing instant pain relief Optimum healing conditions for foot blisters Protect and cushion against rubbing Offer fast wound healing


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