Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Carina’s Star 3.5g


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This year’s inspirations are people who have shaped the world, and instilled change, 11 strong, magic people? Rule breakers, record makers and history shakers! Discover Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Carina’s Star, a modern peach soft coral. Charlotte Tilbury has bottled their beauty DNA and created lipsticks in homage to them in a new, suits-all range, so that everyone can have their glamour, confidence and power, every day and everywhere! „When I created this range, I wanted to create a new colour world for everyone – looking for gaps in the colour spectrum and mixing the most nuanced, super flattering, super wearable shades! These shades have super powers, they look incredible on everyone! I always envision the colour and texture, and how they complement each other to make the shade even more unique and incredible.“ – Charlotte Tilbury „Carina’s Star, inspired by Carina Lau, is a wearable, fresh, illuminating, modern peachy soft coral that transports you to a magical land of stardom! The nuanced colour enlivens the lips and has a subtle brightening effect, while the modern matte texture makes the lips look instantly fuller and wider. It’s a pop of colour that suits every skin tone and looks good on everyone from 18-80.“ Charlotte Tilbury


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