Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual 2 x 75ml


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Cleanse with the supernatural powers of a goddess. Introducing Charlotte Tilbury’s SUPER-NATURAL GODDESS CLEANSING RITUAL. A super-charged, makeup-melting, glow-boosting citrus oil and deeply-purifying bamboo charcoal pollution solution for fresh, hydrated, perfectly cleansed Goddess skin! Charlotte Tilbury believes that everyone deserves to cleanse like a Goddess, look like a Goddess, and feel like a Goddess! This easy, yet innovative two-step regime draws out your impurities, and puts back in the glowing goodness! Never stripping, only ever hydrating, restoring, replenishing and refreshing with the effects of a Hollywood facial?. Since the beginning of beauty time, the morning and evening ritual of bathing, cleansing, anointing, and dressing have been considered a sacred rite of passage that bestowed beauty on the bather, but also reset the Goddess power within. Charlottes Tilbury’s mission in life is to give every woman a magic makeup and skin day every day, and this January, she has bottled what she calls ‚a spa in a jar,‘ into two quick and easy steps so you can look and feel like a Goddess every day! ?I have always found that people tend to use drying cleansers that dehydrate and strip the skin! In our fast, get-it-now generation, lots of people are cleansing with a toxic face wipe and micellar water that doesn’t do anything apart from move chemicals around your face. My goddess skin ritual routine melts off makeup, gently moisturising and nourishing, whilst the charcoal purifies the complexion, drawing out blackheads, unblocks pores and eliminating any oiliness. I am lucky enough to have benefited from Hollywood facials my whole life, and for me this was about bringing those backstage secrets to everyone in an educational, easy cleansing ritual with innovative, hard-working super-natural ingredients! Because everyone deserves Goddess Skin!? Charlotte Tilbury The Goddess of Glow Ritual 1 – A magic citrus oil: Charlotte Tilbury’s first magic Goddess r


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