BaByliss Boutique Salon Ceramic Heated Rollers


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Professional Performance for High-fashion Styling. It’s time to experience a new height of hair styling with the Boutique styling tool collection – combining high fashion styling with outstanding quality and top salon performance. Bought to you by market leading professionals Ba Byliss, the Boutique hair styling tool collection is guaranteed to leave you with long-lasting results and a flawless finish. Introduce these divine Ba Byliss Boutique Salon Ceramic Heated Rollers in to your hair styling routine. Create long-lasting curls, waves and add dramatic volume effortlessly with these 32mm heated rollers – achieving salon results every time. The Boutique heated rollers feature a dual source heating system which help form beautiful, long-lasting curls quickly. Specially contoured heated clips help ensure fast results with a flawless finish – kink free! A ‚heat ready‘ dot on top of one roller helps indicate when the heated rollers are ready to use. Just watch the dot turn from red to white signalling they’ve reached the optimum temperature and are now ready to use. A soft to the touch coating on the rollers ensure that they are easy to apply and remove, as well as ensuring the rollers are at a comfortable temperature to touch and handle. The roller clips are housed on a heated bar which simultaneously heats the clips ready to secure each roller in place ? so the hair is heated from both the inside and out ? for much longer-lasting results. Eigenschaften: – 12x large, thermo-ceramic heated rollers – 32mm in diameter each – Anti-slip, soft touch finish to rollers – 12x specially countoured heated clips – Ultra-fast heat up – Heat ready dot indicator on roller – On/ off switch – „On“ light indicator – 1. 85m cord – 3 Jahre Garantie Top tips: – For best results, make sure the rollers are fully heated before use. – For maximum effect, ensure the rollers have completely cooled before removing. – For longer lasting styling, evenly spritz a mist of hairspray onto the


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