Aurelia Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist 100ml


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Sink into tranquility with the deeply relaxing Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, a peaceful medley of six essential oils, delicate flower waters and calming rose quartz blended to help guide you towards a restful night’s sleep. Containing only natural ingredients, the Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist is suitable for use during pregnancy and nursing. Steam-distilled Neroli, Lavender, Geranium & Chamomile help relieve stress, anxiety and tensions while rose quartz crystal water inspires peaceful serenity to soothe your senses before you sleep. Pure Fragonia extract promotes inner harmony and works to alleviate jet-lag, ideal for frequent flyers, those struggling from lack of sleep, insomniacs and new mothers. Hauptvorteile: – Sleep-enhancing natural essential oils help to calm before bed – Helps to relieve daily stress and anxiety – Inspires mindfulness and relaxation – Fragonia alleviates symptoms of jet-lag – Rose quartz crystal water offers peacefulness – Encourages a restful sleep to enhance your body’s natural repair mode


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