Aquarius Water Bottle This is My Happy Hour 550ml Black


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Water Bottle 550ml. This water bottle featuring an ergonomic design, these bottles are easy to hold, even for the kids. You can use the water bottle to keep water or any other beverage cool in the refrigerator. This water bottle set is made of 100 percent food-grade plastic and designed to last a lifetime. You can use these bottles safely and comfortably for your family. This liquid-tight bottle ensures that your beverage does not leak when the bottle is in your bag. Plus, it also preserves the flavor of the beverage. These easy-to-maintain bottles are dishwasher safe, and you can hand-wash them too with liquid soap and lukewarm water. This water bottle is perfect for school, Gym, Yoga, Runners, Athletes, Travel, Hiking, Cycling, Tennis, Camping or Office Use! They are perfect to place in car cup holders, cycling drinks cages, backpack side pouches, kids schoolbags.


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